If the future is a value, let’s do something concrete.

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January 10, 2022
Institutional Communication
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If the future is a value, let’s do something concrete.

Everyday we promote the correct management of our planet's agri-food resources.  Our participation in the Company Collection for Banco Alimentaredel Lazio (non-profit organization) fits well in our mission.

Our mission is to provide the best technologies to preserve and improve the quality of agrifood, with constant respect of people and environment we live in. The stake is our future and therefore the Company Collection for Banco Alimentare (non-profit organization) embraces our goal to enhance the value of agrifodd resources, as well as food loss reduction.

Banco Alimentare del Lazio non-profit organization is one of the 21 organizations belonging to the Banco Alimentare Network, led by the Banco Alimentare Onlus Foundation and has been working since 1997 throughout the whole Lazio Region. In 2020, Banco Alimentare del Lazio distributed 5,687 tons of food approximately to 107 thousand people approximately, collaborating with 440 organizations. It recovers surpluses from agricultural production, food industry, large-scale distribution and organized catering, public institutions and food stores.

Banco Alimentare also deals with the collection of food from large retailers during the National Food Collection Day and food collections donated to other organizations. What is recovered is redistributed free of charge to non-profit organizations that deal with assistance and aid to the poor, the marginalized and, in general, to people in need in our region.

We are proud to join initiatives as such by taking our social responsibility towards the community we live in.